10 май 2008

Magic wheel

Новата страст на тийнейджърите.

Синът ми се прехласна по това вълшебно колело,
съчетание между тротинетка и скейтборд.

What do you get when you combine a unicycle with a skateboard and a
scooter? You get a new innovative form of transportation for the young and the young at heart. It’s called The Magic Wheel and was invented by a “bored” Swiss designer whose name is never mentioned.

What does The Magic Wheel look like? As you can see in the picture to the side, it has one big wheel in the front and one tiny wheel in the back.

It works like this: there are footplates on each side of the main wheel. The rider plants one foot on the Wheel's platform while pushing with the opposite leg, like a
skateboard, but with a giant wheel spinning in between your legs. The rider controls direction by leaning. “The average user takes a couple of hours practice before they can comfortably ride the Magic Wheel with both feet on the board,” according to The Magic Wheel website.

Interested and wondering what it cost? £119 (about $160us) plus shipping and handling. Not too bad in price compared to similar toys. Currently The Magic Wheel can only be bought on the Internet in the UK, but the company has plans to expand in the future

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